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Profile: Brazilian entrepreneur brings livestreaming e******

HAIKOU, Nov. 10 (Xinhua) -- During a fashion livestreaming event, two young Brazilian women presented new collections, replying to rapid-fire comments and questions from some 36,000 consumers scrolling across the screen.。

Similar scenes are a near-daily occurrence during China's ongoing Double Eleven online shopping festival. On the other side of the planet, Brazil is experiencing the emerging popularity of livestreaming e-commerce.。

The introduction of the new business model to Brazil has been partly attributed to the efforts of local businesswoman Camila Ghattas and her team.。

Ghattas is the founder and CEO of a tech company established in Haikou, the capital of south China's island province of Hainan. Her company is dedicated to studying successful Chinese digital strategies, among which livestreaming e-commerce clearly stands out, and providing consulting services for Latin American enterprises.。

"Livestreaming e-commerce is a very innovative idea which I would like to bring to Latin America," Ghattas said.。

She still remembers the first livestreaming show she watched in early 2019, when she had just registered her account on Taobao, China's leading e-emporium.。

The show was hosted by a Chinese farmer who made a lunch from his homegrown fruits and vegetables while broadcasting the entire process.。

"I didn't know why the show caught my attention but I just couldn't stop watching it." Even more surprising to the Brazilian entrepreneur was that comments could be seen and read by the host in real-time during the livestreaming.。

After the farmer replied positively to a question she had asked, Ghattas ordered a box of his lemons, from which she could make caipirinhas, specialty cocktails in Brazil.。

Without leaving the livestreaming studio, she clicked the purchase button and the shipment arrived at her house in just two days. "It was even cheaper than what ordinary Taobao shops could offer!"

With the intuition and sensitivity of a specialist in modern commerce, she realized the greatest advantage of the novel business model -- the fluidity of the shopping experience.。

"Livestreaming e-commerce is an integration of sales, interactivity and entertainment. Why don't I try to introduce it to Latin America?"

Ghattas then went to the eastern Chinese cities of Hangzhou and Yiwu, both hubs of the country's burgeoning e-commerce sector that have gathered a large number of professional livestreamers.。

The visits left a deep impression on her as online platforms such as Taobao, Kuaishou and Douyin have their own well-equipped buildings for livestreamers, who don't have to worry about their vocational training, camera settings or lighting, she said.。

According to a report released by market research firm iResearch, approximately 1.23 million people were engaged in China's livestreaming e-commerce in 2020, up 348.8 percent from the year prior.。

To help more Brazilian entrepreneurs understand the nascent commerce model, Ghattas recorded everything she saw during her field trips and made demonstrations via online classes.。

Her efforts paid off. New impetus has been injected into Brazil's e-commerce sector, with about 15 percent of online shopping application users placing orders, compared to a previous 4 percent, according to Ghattas.。

Ghattas and her team are also helping 23 local companies train their own e-commerce hosts via the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service. On Nov. 11, training attendees from four companies participating in their program are expected to carry out their first professional livestreaming activities in Brazil's Parana.。

Many companies in Argentina, Chile and Mexico are also engaging the help of Ghattas and her team to develop the interactive business model locally.。

"The present of China is the future of Latin America," Ghattas said. Enditem。

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Economic Watch: Chinese cuisine taking in exotic tastes******

BEIJING, Nov. 3 (Xinhua) -- A platter of Beijing fried sauce noodles, served with fried chicken nuggets and French fries in Beijing's downtown area, raise eyebrows.。

"It is an unexpected mix and match with Chinese food in a Western fast-food restaurant," said a man surnamed Wang, who ordered the unique working lunch for roughly 35 yuan (5.47 U.S. dollars) at a KFC outlet.。

An elder Beijinger surnamed Qiao now finds it easy to enjoy a family dinner with his wife and child who prefer Western food.。

"Most western-style meals don't agree with me, but I enjoy delicious Beijing fried sauce noodles here," Qiao said.。

The specialty has been freshly added to the fast-food chain's menus in Beijing. "It is a hot seller," said Shi Jiajia, a local KFC employee.。

Customers can now order chicken rolls, preserved egg and pork congee, soybean milk, deep-fried dough sticks and boiled skewers, which are typical Chinese food, at KFC outlets in China.。

The fusion of traditional Chinese and exotic tastes has been embraced by KFC as well as many other catering brands in China.。

At the Beijing APM shopping mall, Tongrentang, a time-honored traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) pharmacy with a history of over 350 years, opened a coffee shop featuring herbal coffees in late September.。

Coffee latte with goji berries or dried tangerine peels on top, or Americano with monk fruits -- such creative combinations have attracted numerous youngsters.。

"Young consumers in China are increasingly health-conscious nowadays and would like to have a taste of our special coffee," said the coffee shop's manager. The coffee business has also boosted the sales of its medicinal materials and processed products.。

Chinese per capita nominal consumer spending rose 15.8 percent year on year to 17,275 yuan in the first three quarters. After factoring in price levels, spending went up 15.1 percent year on year.。

The country's ever-expanding consumption market will unleash huge market demand and investment opportunities, where Chinese and foreign brands can team up with each other, said Zhuang Rui, a professor at the University of International Business and Economics.。

In July this year, China allowed cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin and Chongqing to take the lead in building international consumption centers.。

Beijing is expected to become an international tourism destination featuring shopping, food and cultures as well as digital consumption. Experts believe that the convergence of Chinese and Western cuisine is an inexorable trend for the city to build itself into an international consumption hub.。

"There is no doubt that the Chinese market has huge potentials. Meanwhile, our household disposable income needs to be further raised and efforts should be made to cater to the demand for high-quality, diversified and personalized consumption," said Zhuang. Enditem。


  8月 10 日消息 ,2021 雷军年度演讲在今日召开。小米集团 CEO 雷军正式公布了小米平板 5。

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  小米平板 5在系统方面则是采用了MIUI for Pad 系统,拥有多种分屏模式,适配超过 300 款主流应用,支持高清游戏、高清视频、高效办公、专业绘画。

  雷军在演讲时表示,小米平板的目标为年底适配 2000 个应用。正在寻求和各开发企业的合作。

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